Ideas for Pet Living Spaces in Your New Home

Ideas for Pet Living Spaces in Your New Home

Looking for a new home in Fort Bend that will also be the perfect cozy living space for your furry best friend? Trends show that a growing number of people are incorporating dedicated living spaces for their animal companions into their home designs. Here are a few ideas for creating pet living spaces in your new home.

Built-in water food and bowls

Say goodbye to messy pet bowls on the kitchen floor. Pet feeding stations can be built into your cabinetry to give you a clean neat kitchen and prevent messy spills. This could include an open-access shelf at the end of a kitchen island or row of cabinets or pull-out drawer.

Mud room with dog shower

Make use of your new mud room or laundry room with a dedicated pet shower station. This will be a huge help in preventing muddy paw prints from getting into your living space while keeping all the dirt in one place. It’s also much easier to get big dogs in and out of!

Sleeping nook

Built-in beds underneath cabinets, stairs or shelving can provide the cozy spot your fluffy-friend is looking for. If you are looking at multi-level home, you could potentially convert the space underneath your stairs into a pup nook.


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