Commute Times: Cinco Ranch vs. Cross Creek vs. Lakes of Bella Terra

Commute Times: Cinco Ranch vs. Cross Creek vs. Lakes of Bella Terra

There are several new communities located near the Grand Parkway and Westpark Tollway in Fort Bend County. But how do they compare when it comes down to the *easiest* of access? We put 3 master-planned communities to the test and calculated how long it takes the average resident to reach highway speeds. Here are the results. 

Using Google Maps, we plugged in our departure time for Monday morning at 7:30am to simulate an average beginning commute to work. For the starting point we used the center of each community, such a the main boulevard or recreation center. Our end point was the intersection of two major highways - the Grand Parkway and Westpark Tollway. *Of course commute times can vary depending on your exact location, but this method helps gives us a good approximation. 

The results showed that a resident commuting from Lakes of Bella Terra may spend almost half the amount of time leaving the community compared to Cinco Ranch or Cross Creek Ranch. That extra 5-15, or even 20 minutes can add up, potentially coming out to 30 minutes per day or several hours a week! Nobody wants to feel gridlocked by traffic in their own neighborhood. 

“We actually chose Lakes of Bella Terra over Cross Creek Ranch because of the location. We have genuinely enjoyed living in this community. Our neighbors are wonderful, the community is very attractive and laid out well. The amenities are great, and the proximity to shops and restaurants are fantastic. Our location to Grand Parkway and Westpark Tollway is especially convenient.” – Comment from City-Data Forum

Lakes of Bella Terra benefits from being a small community that has all of the amenities of a large development. This includes having the easiest access to roadways, restaurants and shopping. Just outside the community are The Shops at Bella Terra, home to places like Sushi Hana Fusion Cuisine, Buffalo Wild Wings, Russo’s New York Pizza, Marble Slab, Best Buy, Pier One Imports and Kohls, to name a few favorites. 


Cinco Ranch neighborhood commute time varies from 8 minutes to 18 minutes. 

cross creek

Cross Creek Ranch neighborhood commute time varies from 14 minutes to 28 minutes. 


Lakes of Bella Terra neighborhood commute time varies from an easy 4 to 9 minutes. 

• • • 

Time is important! Sometimes it can mean a chance to take the dog for a morning run, spend time with the kids before dinner, or even hitting that snooze button an extra time or two. Life is better here, come see for yourself! 


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